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By reviving the hand embroidery tradition in Timor-Leste, we provide home based work (and income) to young women. We create our popular products, but are also can make custom items, with company logo's, or personal messages  or names on napkins, bags or aprons. 

Besides the embroidery we provide sewing training to our participants with disabilities  and create items from recycled flour bags, like bags, sunhat and aprons.

We can provide larger amounts, that can also be personalised by the sablon department.


We use the old fashion silk-screen printing technique to personalise products from the Suku and Botir Matak production. We print one-color designs on tote-bags, backpacks, sunhat, aprons and drinking glasses.

We create work for persons with disabilities and train them in new skills like computer design and fabric and glass printing.


Botir Matak

We up-cycle used wine, spirit and beer bottles and turn them into drinking glasses, vases and other objects. 

Together with our Sablon service we can personalise our drinking glasses and vases for your company, project or as a personal gift. 

The recycling of glass is an awareness raising program, that at the same time operates as a learning activity for young persons with disabilities.

Boti Matak

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